Land of the Brave

minds soiled in tainted illusions
counting copper seeking value
under the glare of
glitter and gold

their blood no longer extinct
pouring off tables
of the taxidermist
sport for the rich and bored

from smoke stacks chemicals drift
cough? drink coal water
on a hot day perched
on crumbling icebergs

weigh your priority
a meal or life-sustaining drugs
rent or a doctor visit
mass graves for the poor

uncle sam sold the devil’s soul
the blood of your first-born son
when he dies for honor and pride
next in line your daughter will do just fine

her unwanted child
saved from the vacuum
a ward of the state
on this side of the wall
six years old picking oranges

bless this land of the free
the right to die for poverty
making America great again
cheer for the corporations
bankers and assholes

the hoodwinked rednecks
singing Amazing Grace
won’t know their assholes hurt
until they’re face down in the grave

we won’t conform
we will wear our pussy hats
protest and refuse to submit
for our rights, for our country
we resist
the media will report
the revolution

© Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 3/19/17

17 thoughts on “Land of the Brave

  1. Very powerful. Full of unsettling images and consequences. Each time I re-read there is something new to think about. Well done.

  2. Kim, a powerful cry.. May those in Power Listen well.. But I feel that they will soon hear Many more voices joining yours in Unity over their rights..
    Love to you Kim. Hope you are continuing to get better my friend.. ❤ Sue

  3. Kim, this is extremely well crafted. The many who voted for him have yet to realize it is they who are being kicked in the teeth by their savior. Between his budget proposal with harmful changes to the Appalachia region, Great Lakes region, meals on wheels, e.g., repeal and replace of the ACA which will hurt many rural voters, unwinding a mortgage premium break, hindering travel to the US, and harming our environment which disproportionally effects people in need, these changes overshadow his photo-op moments when he does something remotely good. Plus, the world is much less safer place today than it was on January 20. Keith

    1. I agree. I am so anxious because I fear we will live in one of those crumbling future movies something like the Hunger Games. There was a photo on FB of someone showing fingers with oily black liquid they scooped out of a Creek or lake. I reposted and a woman who voted for Trump said how disgusting. I took delight in telling her that the man she voted for approves of this. Of course no response. One thing is a lot of them are being quiet. I believe he is losing a lot of his supporters. But what good will it do for us now. The damage will be done by 2020. There was another post that asked. Do you think Trump is doing a good job? There were plenty that said yes but 10 x’s more saying no. Healthcare and the future education of my grandchildren scares me. My granddaughter is so excited she got into her first choice high school which is specialized. She wants to be a veterinarian and dreams of going to an ivy league college. I don’t want her dreams crushed. She’s so driven.

      1. Kim, kudos to your grand daughter. I saw a Reuters/Ipsos poll out yesterday. DT’s approval ratings have fallen to 37%. The reasons cited by respondents are his handling of healthcare and climate change as well as the wiretapping and Russian issues. Keith

  4. the birth of a nation
    your race
    your face
    we them put you
    in a state of servitude
    and said they
    we must pray
    that status quo will remain
    may centuries
    the opposite of a hater
    started the gate to freedom
    but sound
    freedom at any cost
    the loss
    the gain
    the joys
    the pain

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