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the pieces are set
the strategy accessed
the battle begins
moves executed
step by step
pieces seized
their usefulness expired
one by one
the playing field empties
the queen considers
the king triumphant
the battle ends
a winner loses
and a loser wins
always a battle
an unbalanced war
of wits

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 10/26/14

National Blog Post Month

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The group   Team Pepper Gets Spicy Right Here NANO – POBLNO   was led by Rara Last Year this year Mark Bialczak has graciously accepted to host this year’s event.

He even provides us with some interesting prompts

Here is  Rara’s logo from 2013



This  is the logo for 2014



If you can’t commit to writing a novel in 30 days during National Novel Writing Month then try your hand at a  blog post everyday for the month with National Blog Post a Month. If that sounds like fun to you then go over and introduce yourself to Mark and his team.  Mingle and write.  For me I’m still undecided.


Amazing Writer

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I am so excited for my friend Emily Guido, she published three books called the Light-Bearer Series. Which did very well  on Amazon. Well of course she did the books are fantastic.  The first book Charmeine  introduces us to Tabbruis. A handsome and rich man with a mysterious yet commanding persona.  For some reason he’s drawn to New York. He moves into the Ritz-Carlton and hires Shane to be his assistant. Shane is the best friend of Charleen who doesn’t remember much of her past.  These three lives become entwined after a Billy Joel concert at Jones Beach. The three of them  have a connection that you will have to  read to learn about.  All I will share with you is that one character is a Light Bearer and the other is a Blood Hunter. They are immortal enemies but the power of love conquers all or does it. The story unfolds in  Charmeine and continues in the second edition titled Mactus. Both books are so intriguing and fast paced that you will quickly find yourself turning the pages of the third book Accedo.  So get your copies and escape to the wonderful world Emily created for us.


Yesterday I found this in my mail box.  The complete the Light-Bearer series in one nice thick book.

lightbeared book


As if that wasn’t enough . . .  yes Emily sent me an autograph first edition copy. WooHoo!!!

auto from Emily


And here is a photo Ms. Emily Guido. A beautiful lady don’t agree.


Emily with her books

May I suggest you buy the first three books in the Light-Bearer series so that you will be all caught up by the time Seditious is released.


th u pinkEmily for your wonderful gift and much success!!!

A Mirage

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how do you love me
with a heart that’s hard
filled with darkness
and stipulations

how do you love me
with a heart that’s hurting
rooted in deep anger
and conditional

how do you love me
with a heart that’s selfish
bleeding from wounded pain
and loneliness

how do you love me
with a heart that’s unforgiving
predicting future collapses
and destruction

how do you love me
with a heart that’s empty
weeping to feel compassion
and self-worth

how do you love me
with a heart that’s void
longing to know
and feel

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 10/26/14

Blog Acknowledgment 10/28/14

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This week blogs I’m featuring if I re-blogged these are some of the ones.

November is one week away, and that means NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo are, too! En    are inspiring bloggers again. I’m thinking about it. What about you guys?


The Dawn Erupts   g.e. Gayle writes gentle and quiet poetry that screams to be heard.


Cindy Knoke Cindy does a lot of traveling and lucky for us she takes us along with her. Check out the beautiful foxes she captures.


That Montreal Girl An impressive photographer who shares the seasons as they unfold. She shares a lot of the beauty in Canada too.


Jules Gem Stone Pages A poet that shares her thoughts in prose and lovely Haiku’s. A wonderful treat when you visit this blog.


Leila-Gaskin This is a hard-working woman. She shares editing tips. She recently attended and participated in the James River Writing Conference in Virginia. Leila, like me, is also battling lupus you can read her story here



Thank you all for taking time to visit my blogging friends. I notice you where I didn’t notice you before.  Don’t forget to say hi from me.

I Thought You Were

Published October 27, 2014 by silentlyheardonce
Ezekiel's Inaugural Vision_unsigned found on bing by:by Stephanie Mummert

Ezekiel’s Inaugural Vision_unsigned
found on bing by:by Stephanie Mummert

your face twisted in a grimace
your words growl
your body tense
but your eyes say
you’re someone else

your brow wrinkles
your words whisper
your body is small
but your eyes say
you’re someone else

your head is down
your words are weak
your body is laid back
but your eyes say
you’re someone else

I saw you
when you thought
no one was watching
your face alight with a smile
your words a melody
your body relaxed in dance
and I knew you were
who you are.

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 10/26/14


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