Blog Acknowledgement 10/22/14

Published October 22, 2014 by silentlyheardonce
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I’m a day late in doing my weekly blog acknowledgement.   I was very busy yesterday taking a “me” day.  It was nice lying around in bed eating junk food and watching TV.  It rain most of the afternoon making it a perfect day.  I was treated with thunder in the early morning hours and we’re having more rain today.  I’m going to cook a pot of beans and take another “me” day today.  As I said in one of my video on my post  The Alliance for Lupus Research’s NY Walk 2014 Lupus is the gift that keeps on giving.  Or maybe my former life  is coming back to bite me in the ass.  I don’t know either way I’m dealing with some health issues that I’m not ready to share openly.  So these “me” days are well deserved.

I haven’t been writing poetry because the words aren’t there to express what I’m feeling.  It’s not angry, fearful or sad. I guess it’s acceptance.  I am however giving my novel attention and reading your post.

Until my vacationing muse returns I’ll continue sharing what I read by acknowledging your blogs.

I love Genesis in the Bible and this story by Robert had me in awe. It is quite entertaining. Robertson is an excellent writer. Robertson Writes


Ben of Ben Naga shared this with me last week about Near Death Experiences. It is quite interesting. Angelic View


Ms. Harris shares photos, books and stories. She’s well rounded and had lots to share on her blog. E A M Harris


I will say this is a gentle soul. He writes beautiful and has a face that looks caring and loving. Poesy Plus Polemics


No subject is safe on this blog. How the Hell Did I End Up Here read her opinions and see what’s going on today.

The Alliance for Lupus Research’s NY Walk 2014

Published October 19, 2014 by silentlyheardonce

Originally posted on Us Verses Lupus:

Boy I am exhausted. On Thursday October 16th I got up at 4 a.m. to be at my daughter’s house by 8 a.m. to spend the day with her and my granddaughter for her 11th birthday. We went shopping. My granddaughter wanted to taste lobster so we went to Red Lobster. She wasn’t too impressed with the lobster but she did enjoy her crab legs. I didn’t get home that night until 11:30 p.m. and it was well after midnight before I went to sleep.

Saturday the 18th was the Lupus Research Institute walk. I wanted to spend Friday in bed watching TV and relaxing. But it didn’t work out that way. However, I did manage to get in bed by 8 p.m. I woke up at 4 a.m. and was on my Access-A-Ride by 5:30 a.m. I arrived at the seaport at 6:30 a.m. I saw a…

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Published October 17, 2014 by silentlyheardonce


Doing a favor for a friend.

Originally posted on "The Light-Bearer Series" ~ by Emily Guido:

helping-hand_gscsqoWhen I ask for help, it always comes with anxiety and even distress in some cases.

I’m not talking about help like asking hubby to take out the trash or asking for donations to a charity for a 5K walk/run.

Seditious Book Cover by Emily GuidoNo, the help I’m talking about is personal.

It is about my passion, my little shop in my brain.

I need to promote the pre-sale of Seditious my fourth book in The Light-Bearer Series.

So I have asked everyone I could think of to share Seditious.

I could hire a blog tour, but they are pricey.

tumblr_lnfo31Nfsj1qdvjx6Some friends that I contacted immediately said, YES!  

Their responses made my heart light and was warmed by their encouragement.

UJaB7bMSome friends did not answer.

Which is probably meant to say, no.

It made me wonder.

Like lightning, I realized that . . .

The help I am asking for has to matter…

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Keep it Real

Published October 14, 2014 by silentlyheardonce


This video is circulating on FaceBook. The young lady’s name is Kewii, she has a lovely singing voice that you can check out on SoundCloud.


In this video she makes some valid points. However, there a few things she might want to rethink. Like the fact that we are black folks, African-Americans as some prefer. Today we should refrain from calling ourselves niggers. Because not only is nigger an ugly word but at one time calling one a nigger use to be fighting words. Because a nigger was a slave. A nigger was what we were called during segregation. We have move beyond that time. Once upon a time we wanted to be respectable. We dressed with pride, spoke with pride and strive for an education and excellence. Today the word nigger is used freely by people of all ethnic origins. In my opinion if you want to educate us then respect us. Call us by an acceptable title. Not niggers.


While this video of Kewii is circulating there’s this video of little kids dancing provocative. The kids are humping on each other with adults walking around recording it and putting it on YouTube. It’s pornography. These kids haven’t even reached puberty yet, so that makes it pedophilia too. Not one adult spoke up to educate these kids or the other adults. Someone commented it’s not in the United States but it’s circulating in the United States and people are watching it like it’s acceptable. Commenting their disdain yet sharing.


Another point Kewii touched on was “Obamacare”. The correct name is Affordable Healthcare Act. Before its existence poor folks couldn’t afford insurance. So they didn’t get life saving treatment. Like me, I waited until I couldn’t take the pain anymore and used the emergency room to get care. This cost falls on the tax payers. I’m not saying The Affordable Healthcare is perfect but it is a start. You still must be treated in the hospital whether you have insurance or not. If you arrive at the ER with a splinter first and I come behind you with a stab wound leaking all over. I’m going first. I went to the ER a few weeks ago before they had me sit and wait they gave me an EKG. I wasn’t bleeding and my heart was stable so I had to wait. I saw people come in after me bleeding and they were taken first. I saw people go into the EKG room and some were taken to the back on stretchers right away. If it’s not life threatening it is first come first serve.


If we want to wake our people up why don’t we tell them to stop undressing on videos and circulating it on social media’s. Our folks need to have some dignity and cover our bodies. You don’t have to have to show the crack of your ass to be sexy. Tell the folks how a kid got shot because he was running with his hand in his pants like he was going for a gun. He probably was sagging and was trying to hold his pants up as he ran. The police were wrong but this is the image our kids portray. Lets stop cheering and laughing at the street brawls posted on social media’s and circulating them. You wonder why the police shoot first and ask questions later, that is if you live. We portray ourselves as violent people. I’m not saying the police are right. I’m saying we are the intelligent specie so why do  we have to act like animals in the jungle fighting for food. We need to have some modesty and respect for ourselves. Life is not about being gangster and hardcore. While we’re out killing each other, other races are uplifting themselves.


Kewi got it right when she speaks about being educated. Learn how to hold an intelligent conversation. The way you speak says a lot about yourself. When hanging with your peeps, yawl can you use all the slang and fowl language you want. But when conducting business speak to the people clear and proper so you can be understood.


Instead of buying X-boxes and video games for the kids get them computers. Teach them how to Google. Take them to the library so they can learn to love reading. Teach them respect by respecting them. Tell the folks their kids aren’t their property. The children are our future. Their well-being should come before that bottle of liquor or bag of weed. They need to eat a balance diet instead of all that fast food garbage. If we teach these things to our children they will grow up respecting each other. Instead of continually disrespecting, killing and destroying each other. Teach our children to dream don’t tell them they’re stupid, a pain in the ass or worthless. Lift them up and make them feel wanted and important.


I agree we need to support our own. Buy from our own. But many of those who provide services and goods for us take advantage of us. Their products are overpriced and they don’t offer competitive prices. I understand over head but sometimes you have to take a lost to help build revenue. The doctors, lawyers and dentist in private practices over book and we are the ones that have to sit in their offices for two hours or more for a ten minute visit. These are our educated folks and they haven’t figured out they should open a health center in our community with several doctors to serve us. This way they can be considerate of our time.


I hear so many people say that our black president hasn’t done anything for black people. Don’t people know he’s not the black people’s president. He’s the president of the United States he is president for all the people. Since he’s been in office unemployment has dropped. The deficit has decreased. He persuaded states to increase the minimum wage. He’s giving companies incentives to bring factory jobs back to this country. He ended the war in Iraq and has pulled troops from Afghanistan. It’s not his fault terrorists still spring up. Our president is doing the best he can with a Senate that is fighting him every step of the way. So tell me what should he do for black people? Give us our forty acres and a mule?


Not voting will not solve the problems of this country. Sometimes you have to vote for the lesser of two evils. If we all get out and vote in the primaries and general elections the politicians will work harder to get your vote. They’ll make promises to make our lives better in exchange for our vote. If they fail to live up to their promises then we have the power to vote them out. That’s how you get things, fight for it. That’s called black folks sticking together. We have to make the politicians work for us.


Kewii was also right about buying those over priced sneakers. That goes for shoes, pocketbooks, belts, hats and cars. We walk around with thousands of dollars on us but live in the projects. Going to bed hungry cause you’re wearing your grocery money. Our people need to learn how to prioritize. Shelter should be our first priority, food and clothing that is clean and reasonably price should be a close second.


There is a lot wrong with America, there is a lot wrong with all the people. I don’t have the answers. But I do know if we want to be better we have to come together and build each other up not destroy. We need to do as Michael Jackson said look in the mirror and start with that person. Do unto others as we want others to do unto us.


©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 10/15/14

Blog Acknowledgement 10/14/14

Published October 14, 2014 by silentlyheardonce

Hi Lovies,


Hope everyone is well and doing what they enjoy doing. If not I hope you’re doing what you do best.  I’m working on my novel and still enjoying doing that.  This week I would like  to acknowledge a few more of my blogging friends.  So go visit tell them I said hi and enjoy.


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Bing Image

Do you like college football, bowling, golf, movies and stories about family and friends? Then check out Mark a professional freelance writer. He is witty and fun to read.  Mark Bialczak
I’m not sure what you call this art that Jake does. Some type of Photoshop graphics. He creates scenes and makes them animated. When I visit Jakes Printers I spend several minutes admiring his talent.

When I say amazing I’m not giving  Utham at  Light Touch justice. He takes professional photos of nature, wild life and buildings. When I first started following Utham he share unique photos of graffiti. Go be amazed.

Cristi takes around the world with the amazing photos he shares. Not only does he share the photos but he educates us about the areas.  Cristi Moise Also check out the music from Scorpions here.


This is week I am sharing a wonderful spiritual snack  At the End of the Day Live Spirituality enjoy these words from Dr. Rex. You will find a little bit of everything on blog.


Blog Acknowledgements 10/08/14

Published October 8, 2014 by silentlyheardonce


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Google Image


I had errands to run yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to thank my fellow bloggers.  But today is another day so here are the bloggers I would re-blog if I re-blogged often.  Go visit them and tell them I sent you.


Over at The London Flower  they tell life stories in floral designs. You will find visual and mental stimulation here. So take a trip and see what they have to share.



Teacher as Transformer   another teacher who shares his knowledge and insight on different poets. He helps us to see the beauty in words. He shares many spiritual works and thoughts of inspiration. You owe it to yourself to feed your mind with what he shares.
Morgan at Book n Volume    is where you will find enchanting poetry written with flowery words. Morgan is also the author of  Dark Fey  “It is a tale of Light and Darkness, of Joy and Sorrow, and the Trials and Triumph of Courage and Perseverance” Go support this lovely lady.

At Advocatemmmohan Aksharaalu you will find another spiritual poet who will have us pause and think. He also has a romantic soul that will have you swooning with his words. You want to have your breath taken away? Well this is where it will be done.
I just started following Purple Rays .  Here you will find quotes from spiritual teachers that are very relevant in today’s world. She’s worth checking out you won’t be disappointed.

I’m Just A

Published October 6, 2014 by silentlyheardonce
Photo credit Al Forbes of  A Mix Bag click on photo to visit Al's Blog

Photo credit Al Forbes of
A Mix Bag
click on photo to visit Al’s Blog

I’m a hologram, an illusion, an altered state
a figment of a drug induced existence
day by day my wondering mind is tripping
submitting to a world of dreams
chasing inquisitive curiosities
alone inside my crowded thoughts
like a thirsty sponge absorbing
evidence of truth distorted
blinded by enticing lies
behind the allure
of fabricated beauty

I’m a hologram, an illusion, an altered state
a mask hiding evils ugly truth
revealing that I am
in the mirror
looking at you
together weaving a web of intrigue
from the four corners of the earth
connecting a string of souls
sleep walking
awake in a nightmare of reality
I’m plugged up and disconnected

I’m a hologram, an illusion, an altered state
blinded with rage
stressed and confused
hiding visible in the shadows
thoughts crystal clear
leading an army
marching to the melody
of cooing doves
carrying an olive branch

I’m a hologram, an illusion, an altered state
a whisper
a spirit

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 10/07/14


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